Cisco Catalyst 802.1q Quick Config

I’m not a Ciso guy and don’t do this all the time, so once I got the right commands I decided to write them down!

Basically, we have a VoIP tagged VLAN that needs to run on top of the Default VLAN. Assuming a Catalyst 2960-S 24 port switch, here are the commands:

enable […]

Change or update an HP Printer Serial Number

We have replaced a number of HP printer JetDirect system boards over the years. One issue it took us a while to notice is that the serial number of the new board is ‘XXXXXXXXXX’. This is probably supposed to be changed by the service technician, but what are you going to do… This caused […]

Replace Node in ExtremeNetworks Summit Stack

If you have a failed node in an ExtremeNetworks Summit virtual stack, there are some steps that must be followed in order to replace the node with new hardware.

First, make sure sure your new node is the same firmware as the stack. It doesn’t have to be the latest, but it should match. […]