Replace Node in ExtremeNetworks Summit Stack

If you have a failed node in an ExtremeNetworks Summit virtual stack, there are some steps that must be followed in order to replace the node with new hardware.

  1. First, make sure sure your new node is the same firmware as the stack.  It doesn’t have to be the latest, but it should match.
  2. Remove the failed switch and install the new switch in the stack
  3. Issue the command ‘disable stacking’ on the new switch and reboot
  4. Console into the master node and issue these two commands:
    1. ‘synchronize stacking node-address (MAC of the switch your adding to the stack)’
    2. ‘conf stacking node-address (MAC of the switch you are adding to the stack) slot-number  (The next available slot #)’
  5. Return to the new switch being added and issue a reboot, but only on the new switch.
  6. When the switch is rebooted and back online, the switch will be added to the stack and ready to go.
  7. On the master, verify by issuing the ‘show slot’ command.


NOTE: I just tried these instructions and they didn’t work: The failed ‘node’ would not come on-line (it continued to say ‘Disabled’ when I did a ‘show stack’). I finally issued an ‘enable stacking node-address ‘ and rebooted that node. Then it worked fine.

NOTE 2: Another useful command so you don’t have to switch back and forth between nodes:
reboot node-address <address of node to be rebooted>

Replace Node in Extreme Networks Summit Stack

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