Cold Reset HP LaserJet P3005

Performing a cold reset on an HP LaserJet P3005 is a little different than other printers. Normally you just hold a specific button before truning on the power and you get the appropriate menu. In this case, you press the button AFTER turning on the power. This is important!

HP LaserJet P3005 Cold Reset


Add x86 drivers to x64 print server

We decided some time ago to make our Windows Print Server a 64-bit system (Windows Server 2008 R2). By going with the highest level system (at the time) we should be assured of backwards compatibility. The issue arose with adding 32-bit (x86) drivers to the shared printers (although it seemed impossible to add 64-bit […]

Change or update an HP Printer Serial Number

We have replaced a number of HP printer JetDirect system boards over the years. One issue it took us a while to notice is that the serial number of the new board is ‘XXXXXXXXXX’. This is probably supposed to be changed by the service technician, but what are you going to do… This caused […]