Password prompt delay using SSH

I find on new installs of Linux there is a delay of about 20 seconds when using SSH to connect to the new install. I have found different suggestions for the fix and tehse are my experiences:

This article ( suggests setting ‘UseDNS’ to no on the new ssh server (in sshd_config, then restart […]

Change or update an HP Printer Serial Number

We have replaced a number of HP printer JetDirect system boards over the years. One issue it took us a while to notice is that the serial number of the new board is ‘XXXXXXXXXX’. This is probably supposed to be changed by the service technician, but what are you going to do… This caused […]

Configuring TLS for Sendmail (STARTTLS)

Getting this to work took quite some time – mostly because the articles I have found on the subject are wrong or contain errors making them useless. Is that deliberate? It almost felt that way!

The basic structure isn’t difficult, but it is critical to get the right files in the right places. These […]

Install BigBrother on RedHat/CentOS

OK, the first thing you will say is “Why are you using BB?” We like it. Leave us alone. 🙂 The latest version we can find for Linux is 1.9i, which I believe to have been released in 2005 (you can still download it here). But to get it working on the newer OS’s, there are some changes that need to be made. Here are the steps I took to get BigBrother 1.9i working on CentOS 6 x64. Most of the steps are in the instructions, but I included the whole process here. […]

Other RPM Repositories

Just some other RPM repositories I like:

CentOS 6 x64: Fedora/Redat; rpm -Uvh; RPMForge; rpm -Uvh; RPMFusion Free; rpm -Uvh; RPMFusion Non Free; rpm -Uvh;

dsniff on Cent OS 6 x86_64

I had a hell of a time getting dsniff to compile on my new Cent OS 6 x64 system. There are too many old requirements that simply wouldn’t install, and I had difficulty finding anyone who had an RPM for this system.

Finally I found it on Fedora!

Install (rpm -Uvh and […]

Trouble compiling ipaudit

The latest version of ipaudit I can find is 0.95. I needed to get the functionality transferred to a new machine that is running CentOS 6 x64 (not required for my needs, but it’s the latest & greatest). A make produced the following:

[root@hostname ipaudit-0.95]# make make -C src all make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/src/ipaudit-0.95/src’ […]

Photo Mosaic in Linux

I have produced Photo Mosaics (lots of small images that create a new large image when viewed from a distance) in the past with great results, but when asked to do it again I could NOT find the process I used! I assumed something ImageMagick related, but could not find the process. Maybe it […]

SSH Brute Force Attack ipTables

Add these rules to protect yourself againsed the SSH brute force attack. iptables -A INPUT -p tcp –dport 22 -m state –state NEW -m recent –set –name SSH iptables -N SSH_WHITELIST iptables -A INPUT -p tcp –dport 22 -m state –state NEW -j SSH_WHITELIST iptables -A SSH_WHITELIST -s $TRUSTED_HOST -m recent –remove –name SSH […]

BigBrother Problems on FC5

Using bbc1.9e-btf (not the most recent version as of this writing, but it matched the old system) generated this message in BBOUT:

Mon Apr 10 12:45:55 2006 /bin/sort: open failed: +4: No such file or directory

The DISK status page showed:

red Mon Apr 10 11:25:35 EDT 2006 – Filesystem of /usr/local/bb/bbc1.9e-btf/tmp is […]

Batch convert images with ImageMagick

I’m posting this just because I’m sick of having to re-figure out the command line whenever I have to do it!

The idea is to process each file in the current path in the form of *.jpg, then resize it to a max of 96×96 (so when complete, the final image will not have […]

Getting NetJuke to work with PHP5

When upgrading from Fedora Core 3 to Fedora Core 4, you end up getting PHP5. Many people suggest downgrading to get NetJuke to work, but I don’t like that!

The message in the logs is:

[client] PHP Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_PRIVATE in /var/www/html/netjuke/lib/inc-common.php on line 675


This article descibes […]

Making transparent images with Gimp

I know this is in Linux and there should be a Gimp category, but whatever…

I do this with regularity, and always have to Google the instructions. So here they are! The Gimp: Making Colors in a GIF Transparent By Crouse USA Linux Users Group Web Site:

Sometimes when working with an image […]

Get SpamAssassin Working with updates

A short article with links and ‘needs’ to get Spamassassin working with SARE updates, etc.

Run the following and fix errors:

spamassassin -D –lint 2>&1 | grep -i fail

– Used ‘yum install perl-Razor-Agent’ to resolve the Razor2::Client::Agent dependancy – Had to build Net::Ident by hand

Run sa-update once to populate the default rules. […]