ICA File Not Found

Citrix ICA: ICA file not found message when access VDT from MyDesktop.nmhschool.org
First, make sure all security is set to default.

This from:

Error: ICA File Not Found

Users may receive the ICA File Not Found error when launching published applications through NFuse.

The following scenarios are known to produce the ICA File Not Found error:

1. Web pages are served with HTTPS and client can not save encrypted pages to disk

When a user clicks an application icon, the launch.ica file is downloaded from the web server and then executed by the local ICA client. If the NFuse web server is using SSL (https://…) and your browser is configured not to save encrypted pages to disk, the launch.ica file can not be written to disk and the ICA client has no file to open.

To resolve this issue, at the client machine:

o In Internet Explorer select go Tools > Internet Options

o Select the Advanced tab

o Beneath the Security section of options, uncheck the option called Do Not save encrypted pages to disk

2. Excessive internet cache

On Windows computers with large hard drives, the Temporary Internet Files folder used by Internet Explorer can become excessively large, causing too much of a delay in the time required to save the launch.ica file and then retrieve it for use by the ICA client.

To resolve this isue, clear the browser cache:

o In Internet Explorer select go Tools > Internet Options

o Select the General tab

o In the Temporary Internet files section of options, click the Delete Files button.

o You may also want to click the Settings button to decrease the amount of disk space to use for the Internet cache.

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