Restrict access to specific fonts in Citrix

Recently we had a situation where our publishing department decided to use a font that was not included in any package we already owned (Windows, Office, etc). So a request came to us to make this font available to specific users. We went down the normal road of ‘are we licensed’, ‘who’s paying for […]

Printing MacOS X Java Client on Citrix

3. Printing with the Java client is not user friendly. The Admin guide is not clear about how this should work on the Mac platform. Basically, you have two choices:

[*]Print to a PostScript File that is saved to a folder on the Mac. In the Java settings, select the Local Port or File […]

Citrix CSG STA Errors

If you receive messages like the following in the event logs of the CSG, it likely means there is a misconfiguration or the STA on the Presentation Servers is not correct.

When adding a new PS serevr to be an STA, it must be configured in both the CSG configuration wizard (in the ‘Secure […]

Citrix Forums : Unable to retrieve the license server …

Quick Answer:

1. Stop Citrix IMA Service

2. Run ‘dsmaint recreatelhc’

3. Start Citrix IMA Service

Whe got the same messege on our Citrix servers:”Citrix Presentation Server is unable to retrieve the license server location. Check to see if the Citrix Independant Managemane Architecture Service is running without errors.If Necessary, set the license server […]

ICA Local Drive Access

When you log into an ICA session (like through you are prompted to decide on local drive access – All, RO, none – and then whether to ask always, sometimes, or never. Some of us have wondered how to change the behavior if you checked the ‘Never Ask’ button, but change your mind. […]

Change Citrix/ICA HotKeys

Citrix uses a number of HotKeys (or shortcuts) that conflict with other applications. Most recently we found that Shift+F2 conflicted with a BlackBaud Raiser’s Edge shortcut. BB had the following comments:

Solution ID: BB97598 Applicable Product(s): Raiser’s Edge 7

Here is the solution: How to load defaults using a function key other than Shift […]

ICA File Not Found

Citrix ICA: ICA file not found message when access VDT from First, make sure all security is set to default.

This from:

Error: ICA File Not Found

Users may receive the ICA File Not Found error when launching published applications through NFuse.

The following scenarios are known to produce the ICA File […]