Change Citrix/ICA HotKeys

Citrix uses a number of HotKeys (or shortcuts) that conflict with other applications. Most recently we found that Shift+F2 conflicted with a BlackBaud Raiser’s Edge shortcut.
BB had the following comments:

Solution ID: BB97598
Applicable Product(s): Raiser’s Edge 7

Here is the solution: How to load defaults using a function key other than Shift + F2
This has been filed as a suggestion. While we may not implement it, we will review it for possible use in future product development. Add me to the list.

Here is the problem or goal:
How to load defaults using a function key other than Shift + F2
How to re-map the hot key for loading defaults

Problem Environment:
Records – Constituents
Records – Gifts

Causes of this problem:
With Citrix Shift F2 toggles the screen

Citrix tells us how to re-map ICA keys:


The hotkeys or shortcut keys used in the Citrix ICA client are different from the keys used by the Terminal Server client. You can define the hotkeys used in a Citrix session within Citrix Program Neighborhood by selecting ICA Settings from the Tools menu and then clicking the Hotkeys tab. The hotkeys you can set under this tab are shown in Figure 12.7. As you can see, you can easily redefine the keys as you need them.

This option is available if the FULL Citrix Program Neighborhood is installed.
Start->Programs->Citrix ICA Client->Program Neighborhood

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