ICA Local Drive Access

When you log into an ICA session (like through http://mydesktop.nmhschool.org) you are prompted to decide on local drive access – All, RO, none – and then whether to ask always, sometimes, or never. Some of us have wondered how to change the behavior if you checked the ‘Never Ask’ button, but change your mind.
In your system root directory (like C:\Windows on 9x or C:\WinNT on NT or 2K), there is a file named webica.ini. Open it and delete the line ‘GlobalSecurityAccess’. This may not be the best way, but it works.

BTW: This is a MACHINE setting, not an ACCOUNT setting. If you make a permanent change on one computer, all users of that computer will have the same setting. Likewise, don’t expect your setting to follow you to another computer. That being said, we should come up with a permanent setting for public machines so the public does not make the decision for us.

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