Move SSL certificates from IIS 6.0 to the latest version of IIS IIS 7.0/ IIS 7.5 IIS

Export the certificates from IIS 6.0 web server i Open MMC – type “MMC” without quotes in your run menu ii Select the “Add/Remove Snap-in” option CTRL + M from the file menu. iii Select “Computer Account’” and then “Local Computer” iv Close the ‘Add Standalone Snap-in’ window and click on OK v Choose […]

Access 2010 – Paste and Delete options disabled

I found that with a pre-Access 2010 database opened in Access 2010, you can’t copy and paste a table. I use this function to backup a ‘reservations’ table before clearing it out to start a new round of reservations. The common accepted solution is to create a new database, but at this point I […]