Cold Reset HP LaserJet P3005

Performing a cold reset on an HP LaserJet P3005 is a little different than other printers. Normally you just hold a specific button before truning on the power and you get the appropriate menu. In this case, you press the button AFTER turning on the power. This is important!

HP LaserJet P3005 Cold Reset

To perform a factory / hard / cold reset on a HP LaserJet P3000 Series printer wasn’t that straight forward in my eyes. Although in the menus there was an option for Reset Factory Defaults, this did very little in erasing the configuration and returning the printer to a default state. After reading through a few manuals I found the following performed what HP call a Cold Reset.

Cold reset
A cold reset unlocks menus that have been previously locked and sets all control panel menu items(including EIO settings) back to the factory defaults. However, it does not clear the values in the SERVICE menu (such as the serial number and page counts).

NOTE: Before performing a cold reset, print a menu map and a configuration page. Use the information on the configuration page to reset any customer-set device configuration values that the cold reset procedure changes.

  • Turn the device off.
  • Turn the device on. When the memory count begins, press and hold the green Check button. Continue holding down the Check button until all three device control-panel lights flash once and then remain on. This might take up to 10 seconds.
  • After the message SELECT LANGUAGE appears on the display, press the up or down button until COLD RESET is highlighted.
  • Press check button. The device performs a cold reset and then continues its power-on sequence.
  • Check all I/O settings and reset any customer-set device configuration values.

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