Windows Server 2003 – Remove iSCSI Target

I have had trouble completely removing an iSCSI target from a Windows 2003 (not R2) server without rebooting. Of course if you remove the initiator and persistent targets it won’t reconnect, but how do you remove the drive letter without rebooting?

After a bit of research (and not finding the right answer…) I came up with this:

First use the iSCSI initiator to remove the Target and Persistent Target. Also remove the server from Discovery if you are done with it.

The from a command prompt, use the DISKPART utility:

list volume (to find the volume you want to remove)
select volume 5 (assuming it’s volume 5 you want to remove)
remove (removes the drive letter)

This seemed to work anyway, but the volume is still ‘attached’ until reboot. You just don’t have the drive letter any more.

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