Server name on HP with iLO 1

It took forever, but I finally got the name fixed as displayed in the iLO interface on an HP DL360 G4p. Lots of people made suggestions, but most relied on iLO 2 or better, but this server only has iLO 1.

The first problem was that the iLO interface was showing the old server’s name – this hardware was recycled into a new purpose. I did a reset of iLO and that at least got me back to ‘host is unnamed’.

Then there was the issue of the OS: The previous OS was Windows Server 2003 (with full HP software), but I wanted CentOS 6 x64. Unfortunately HP doesn’t supply a PSP for this hardware/OS combination, and the RedHat 5 PSP would not install. Luckily the PSP from the DL360 G5 page for RedHat 6 did install! I’m not sure what I may be missing, but everything seems to work.

OK, so the hardware is OK, the OS is installed, the PSP seems good to go, but the name still isn’t showing in iLO.

I found lots of suggestions and most of them were wrong. Most people suggested setting the ‘iLO Subsystem Name’, but that is not the same thing. Just as many people suggested the various scripts and commands, but they failed to realize that the name can apparently only be changed using this method with iLO 2 or better.

A few people said very clearly that if it’s not correct, then the agents are not installed! Who knew! In the end, it was the agents, but I didn’t realize a restart was necessary. Once the agents are installed, do a restart of the ‘hp-snmp-agents’ and it should pull the ‘hostname’ as the iLO server name. I tested this by changing the hostname (with the hostname command) and restarting the ‘hp-snmp-agents’ – voila!

change server name on ilo

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