Whitelisting with spamass-milter

I noticed an issue recently when I wasn’t getting sendmail analysis messages form my mail relay.  I did some checking and the mail was being flagged as SPAM because the body contained lists of various e-mail address and domains that were listed in relay black lists!  I did not realize that the body was subject to such tests.  But that’s OK, we have the ‘whitelist_to’ option like so (in /etc/mail/spamassassin/local.cf):

whitelist_to           <specific e-mail you want to whitelist>

This is fine, but the default score to subtract is ‘6’, which was no where near enough.  I did some research to see about changing that default score, and it is possible.  But you run the risk of having your changes overwritten in future updates.  The score change would be done here on the USER_IN_WHITELIST_TO line (or wherever is appropriate for you):


When checking this entry I notice two entries below that had -20 and -100 scores:

# not really false positives but the user wants spam!
score USER_IN_MORE_SPAM_TO -20.000
score USER_IN_ALL_SPAM_TO -100.000

So, if you want to increase the likelihood if getting the messages you can use one of the following less common entries in your local.cf:

more_spam_to           <specific e-mail you want to whitelist>
all_spam_to            <specific e-mail you want to whitelist>

Obviously you need to be sure of what you are doing!  And don’t forget to restart your services.


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