Photo Mosaic in Linux

I have produced Photo Mosaics (lots of small images that create a new large image when viewed from a distance) in the past with great results, but when asked to do it again I could NOT find the process I used! I assumed something ImageMagick related, but could not find the process. Maybe it was Gimp, but still no love in my searches.

I finally found ‘metapixel’, which installed on my RedHat station via Yum with no problem.

First prep the pictures into a new folder:
metapixel-prepare --width=64 --height=96 -r seniorsF tmp_pics

Width & Height for the new pics (to make them uniform). ‘seniorsF’ is the source folder and ‘temp_pics’ is the destination.

Then process the image:
metapixel -w 48 -h 64 -s 2 --metapixel Desktop/moody_big.jpg seniors.png --library tmp_pics

-w & -h are necessary or else the pictures will be square. I don’t think it matters what you use as long as they are the right geometry (ie: 4:3).
-s is the ‘scale’. The bigger the number, the smaller the individual pictures (or the more little pictures depending on how you look at it).
Then the big/original picture.
Then the destination pic.
And finally the little pictures to use.

Now hopefully next time I won’t have to pull my hair out!

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