Additional Account Info tab in ADUC on Windows 7

Article after article says ‘Oh, just register the acctinfo dll from the Windows 2003 resource kit and it just works on Windows 7’.  Then the person that posts the question says it doesn’t work and the article goes cold.  If you have ever looked for information on this subject, you are likely as frustrated as I am.

There is an answer!

First, get the Windows 2003 resource kit and install it.  Really, all you need is the DLL named ‘acctinfo.dll’ and put it in your Windows\System32 folder.

Next, you need to register the DLL (cmd prompt, regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\acctinfo.dll).  But what only one article in dozens that I have found mentions is that you must do a Run As Administrator when opening cmd.exe!  If you don’t, the registration still appears to happen, but it doesn’t work.

Once registered correctly, it should now ‘just work’ (he says understanding the irony).  Also, you do not need to turn on the ‘Advanced Features’ option as many articles suggest.

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