Password prompt delay using SSH

I find on new installs of Linux there is a delay of about 20 seconds when using SSH to connect to the new install. I have found different suggestions for the fix and tehse are my experiences:

This article ( suggests setting ‘UseDNS’ to no on the new ssh server (in sshd_config, then restart […]

Resubmitting a cancelled data migration job in CA ARCserve Backup

Resubmitting a cancelled data migration job in CA ARCserve Backup

We use a staging area for our daily backups and transfer the weeklies to tape (actually disks). One week we had a tape that was not properly erased to the backup filled it up during the migration process and then was waiting for a […]

Reset 3COM SuperStack Switch to Defaults

You can reset a 3COM SuperStack switch to default settings without knowing the password. This has been tested on SuperStack 1100 and SuperStack 3300.

Use a serial console and boot the device. When prompted for a name and password, use ‘3comcso’ and ‘RIP000’ (case sensative). You will be given the one option to reset […]

YouTube – Banana Phone

YouTube – Banana Phone.

YouTube – Hand – Vagina

YouTube – Hand – Vagina.

Publishing a FirstClass Calendar to iCal

Here’s how to publish a FirstClass calendar so it can be read from an iCal enabled viewer:

Publish the calendar to the web. On the link, add:


So you would have a link like:

That’s it!

Nice message from Canon IR Copier

YouTube – Daniel Tosh Destroys an iPad

YouTube – Daniel Tosh Destroys an iPad.


Please don’t contact me if your are offended – I won’t respond!

Bad Tech Support Ding, Fries are done!

Compaq boot without a keyboard (Headless)

HowTo Boot up a headless Compaq (perhaps other systems) without getting the keyboard message requiring that you hit F1 Got the required info from here:

Turns out Compaq released a small patch to fix this. The alternative is to select “Network Server” mode, but I have never seem this.

The file is at […]